Our Patriots









 The following is a list of our Patriots who sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

                          Ancestor                            Service Colony
Adams Nathan Private MA
Appell Andrew Patriotic Service PA
Arms  Consider Constitutional Convention 1778 MA
Atwood Jonathan Captain NH
Back Judah Lieutenant CT
Barnes Lemuel Private MA
Barron William Patriotic Service GA
Barry Andrew Captain SC
Bigelow Ivory Lieutenant MA
Bird (Byrd) James Captain CT
Bottorff (Bottorf) Henry Ensign PA
Brewer James Patriot MD
Brightman Peleg Private MA
Brockman John Colonel NC
Brothers Cornelius Patriotic  Service, Soldier MD
Bulkley Charles Lieutenant & Captain MA
Bullock James Soldier MD
Butler Jonathan III Captain CT
Cady David Colonel NY
Caldwell Joseph Private PA
Carruth John Ensign MA
Caryl Jonathan Private VT
Castor/Kester Peter Private PA
Chamberlain William Lt. Colonel NJ
Church Benjamin Private NY
Claflin Ephraim Private MA
Clarke Samuel Patriot MA
Cody Joseph Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Lieutenant MA
Corning Bliss Sea Coast Duty Soldier CT
Crippen Silas Private CT, NY
Crowell Aaron Private NJ
Custard Jacob Private VA
Dains Asa Private CT
Doane Richard Private CT
Downer Dr. Eliphalet Army Surgeon MA
Drury Zedekiah Private NH
Fanning Jonathan Captain CT
Farmer John Patriot NY
Farr Aaron Sr. Private & Patriot NH
Fichthorn Andrew Gunsmith PA
Fisk John Commissary--NY Militia NY
Fluker Owen Patriotic Service GA
Foote Charles Private CT
Ford John Captain MD
Fowler John Private NC
Fuller Abraham Captain CT
Furgeson Samuel Orderly, Sergeant & Private CT
Futrell Nathan Drummer NC
Gerrish Joseph Private MA
Gootee Andrew Patriotic Service MD
Gray Isaiah Patriot MA
Hale Thomas Drummer MA
Hall Ebenezer Sr. Sergeant MA
Hammond Obadiah Jr. Private NC
Hardin James Private PA
Hill William Sr. Member Prov. Congress NC
Hodges Timothy Patriotic Service MA
Hoisington Vespasian Private VT
Holcombe John Captain VA
Horton Israel Jr. Private NY
Hosford Joseph Jr. Drummer & Private NY
Howard Brooks Private VT
Hoyt Ebenezer Private CT
Hull Jehiel Ensign CT
Hutton Timothy Lieutenant NY
Iddings William Private PA
James Benjamin Private; Patriotic Service     SC
Johnson Stephen Jr. Private CT
Kaigler Andrew Lieutenant SC
Kimmel George Private PA
Kirkpatrick John Private NC
Knapp Benjamin Private CT
Kremer Martin Luther Patriot NY
LaDue Peter Private NY
Lamb David Private & Sergeant MA
Leasure John Private PA
Lee Philip Patriotic Service MD
Lincoln Nedebiah Sergeant MA
Lomax William Private NC
Long William Private PA
Looney Peter Patriotic Service, Sergeant VA, NC
Lossing Nicholas Private NY
Marvin Matthew Sergeant CT
McCutcheon William Lieutenant, PS VA
Mead Timothy II Private VT
Montgomery Charles Private SC
Mustain Avery Private VA
Mustain Thomas Patriotic Service     VA
Nevins Thomas Private NH
Norris Rodolphus Patriot MD
Owen Elijah Sergeant MA
Peterson Peter Ensign NJ
Pettibone Seth Sergeant MA, VT
Pickens Andrew Brigadier General SC
Potter John Captain NJ
Preston Jacob Ensign CT
Purcy William Private PA
Purdy Daniel Ensign & Sergeant VT
Riblet John Private PA
Rice Eber Private VT
Richmond Zebulon Private MA
Rixey Richard Jr. Captain VA
Robertson Elijah Captain NC
Roof Peter Private PA
Roush George Private PA
Russell William Sr. Patriot MD
Sargent Nathaniel Lieutenant MA
Sellers Elisha Private NC
Shelor Daniel Captain MD
Shepard John Jr. Lieutenant MA
Smock Henry Private VA
Spalding Thomas Patriotic Service MD
Stamp (Stump) John Private NY
Stark John Sr. Colonel VA
Stark Thomas Patriotic Service VA
Steen Matthew Private PA
Stevens Nehemiah Seaman CT, MA
Stickney Sylas Richard Private NH
Stonebraker John Detrick Private PA
Stowell Israel Patriot NH
Stratton Jonathan Private MA
Strozier Peter Private GA
Talmage Abram Private NJ
Thorton Anthony II Patriot VA
Thurston Stephen Private NY
Towne Elijah Captain MA
Townsend Daniel Private MA
Trask Ebenezer Jr. Private MA
Tryon Amos Patriot CT
Turney John Private PA
Upchurch Moses Private NC
Van den Bergh Benjamin Private NY
Vinton John Captain MA
Watrous Benjamin Private CT
Whitney Jonathan Captain MA
Widrig George Private NY
Winchell Joseph Private & Sergeant MA
Wisner David Ensign NY
Wisner Thomas Lieutenant NY
Wood Solomon Lieutenant MA
Woodin Peter Jr. 2nd Lieutenant MA
Wright John Captain CT
Yates Edward Patriotic Service MD








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